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Sniff! March 6, 2008

Filed under: Life,Personal Favourites,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 5:34 pm

He was thin and disheveled. Wearing brown shorts and a shirt that I guessed was white a long time ago. He knocked on the tinted glass asking for money.

He looked healthy enough to work. So I just looked the other way.

When I looked back, he was still there, at the window. But the look on his face unsettled me. He looked as though it didn’t really bother him whether or not he got enough money to eat.

As I watched, he pulled a small bottle of thinner from his pocket. And a dirty rag. With a practiced movement he poured some thinner on the rag.

The signal turned green. I never did see what happened next. But in a half minute, he managed to leave me with a very disturbed heart and mind…


One Response to “Sniff!”

  1. mad4mba Says:

    This happened to me also a year or so ago… You have put it so eloquently…

    This also reminds me of a drawing that i once saw, it was a man near a cliff’s edge and near the edge their were five balloons tied together rising high (like a parachute) they spelled D-R-U-G-S and over the sky were written the words “Don’t Fall For”.

    Makes me feel sad… paint thinner… glue….what next…

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