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I’m The Same Person Still April 14, 2008

So, I walked into office the other day and some girls in my team exclaimed, “You look the same!”. And I was a little surprised. Umm… Am I not supposed to look the same? Am I supposed to look older? wiser? glowing with the fulfillment of marriage? harried? knowledgeable? shy? What?

Why am I supposed to be any different just because I’m now married?

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the fact that a lot less guys lech at me now (because of the mangalsutram and toe rings that distinguish me from unmarried females) just because I look married. Hello? I still look as good (I think) or bad as I used to less than a month ago! It’s surprising… It’s not like these men contemplate marriage with every woman they lech at. So why not lech at married women? Surprising. Of course, I’m not complaining… I don’t need to carry safety pins on buses and to movie theatres anymore… I think.

On the flip side, however, no one will flirt with me either. I am just too “Aunty” for that now. And that’s sad. Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I should flirt any less or that I should flirt only with my husband! Hmm… This is something open to debate.

What really upsets me is the looks my husband gets on trains, flights and everywhere else we go together (he is blissfully oblivious to them). All these women/girls/females give him appreciative looks when I’m not next to him. No one knows he’s married! And he’s good looking! What nonsense!

I’m not sure I like this I-look-married thing. At least not when he doesn’t. And I’m not sure what ‘being married’ really is. It’s all confusing this marriage business. And by the time I have it figured out, I think I’ll be too old for it to really matter whether I get any attention…

I’m still the same person. Why does the world want me to be someone else?


3 Responses to “I’m The Same Person Still”

  1. usha Says:

    This is always there…and I remember one of my colleague giving me lectures that I dont make any efforts to give that ‘married’ look to myself..and used to tell me that I should wear saris;have the sindhoor; lots and lots of bangles and hang my mangalsutra outside…

  2. The Goddess Says:

    please don’t tell me the colleague was a lady.

  3. usha Says:


    I dont want to..but it is!!

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