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How Long? May 8, 2008

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My Grandma is not well at all… And we don’t know how long she has. She’s old. And she’s withered. Shrunk. Defeated by Alzheimer’s.

She is one of the strongest women I know. She served a tyrannical father-in-law for years, survived small pox while pregnant, had six children, lost her husband to cancer, lost a son to a freak accident within the year, lived through debt, gave away her gold cheerfully to her daughters, was the favourite grandmother of all her grandchildren, told stories to the watchman’s family during the Kartik month and was remembered by all she met even once with great fondness…

This is one of my first encounters with disease after I’ve grown old enough to be aware of what is happening. And it just doesn’t seem fair that a woman that strong is now defeated…

I never for a moment thought I would get married without my grandmother there… Gathering all relatives around her, remembering the names of their children and grandchildren, pinching my cheek when I went to touch her feet, telling my husband she saw him when he was a baby at an aquaintances house…

But more than myself, I feel for her children. I feel terrible for my mother and my aunts and my uncles. And it feels terrible to know that they are aware of how she is suffering more than she herself is…

It’s strange that one can feel the elation of being newly married and the sorrow of seeing a loved one suffer all at once… But yes, that’s life…

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2 Responses to “How Long?”

  1. Vishnu Says:

    touching post…

  2. Anil Sharma Says:

    The pain in letting go of a loved one! And we say we accept that death is inevitable!

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