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Conversation With Aethist Kid… June 6, 2008

Filed under: Life,My Idea of Humour,Personal Favourites — The Goddess @ 11:35 pm
Kid: Is god a capitalist?
he invests where he gets returns?
Me: yep
human beings were a bad investment
Kid: thts why i hate him
Me: thats why he invented global warming
Kid: 😛
Me: to hate him kid
you have to believe he exists

4 Responses to “Conversation With Aethist Kid…”

  1. Anil Sharma Says:

    Is the kid Ani ? 😛

  2. The Goddess Says:

    any doubts? 😛

  3. Anirudh P Says:

    @”to hate him kid you have to believe he exists”
    Heights of unscientific thinking.
    To disprove anything you need not believe it exists. To disprove the “geocentric” theory(that the “holy” Bible still swears by!How bad logic and holiness go hand in hand!!!LOLZ!)
    Copernicus/Galileo didn’t have to believe in it, they just showed them how obvious the Heliocentric theory was!

    “If” infact all planets revolve around the Sun “can be” a premise that will lead to an investigation….
    If the earth was flat is a premise that lead to the theory that earth is spherical.

    Spell Check:
    Here, funnily the word exists because the “theists” exists. Comfortably apply your logic here.

  4. The Goddess Says:

    we’re not trying to prove the existence of god. just saying that for something to be hated, it needs to exist first – either in the head or outside it… 🙂

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