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Making Money June 10, 2008

Filed under: Blogging,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 2:38 pm

It’s sad that wordpress doesn’t have a poll widget because I wanted to ask you something. Should I place ad’s on my blog?

I have a few reasons for both sides of the argument.

I should because I can make money for not doing anything much!

I shouldn’t because I don’t want my blog to be commercialized or you know what I mean… And maybe I shouldn’t annoy readers. And of course, who would click the ad’s anyway? And how many people visit this page anyway? And…

But it’s still money… And a lot of my friends have ads on their blogs…

I don’t know. Most of the times I feel I shouldn’t but sometimes, the money just tempts 🙂


One Response to “Making Money”

  1. usha Says:

    As you said; it hardly matters for us as we dont click on them anyway…

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