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Dear Cosmo June 14, 2008

Filed under: Randomness,Through a Woman's Eyes,Too Much Time — The Goddess @ 2:10 pm

Dear Cosmo,

Thank you for being my friend since I was 16.

Thank you for all the times I sat with my then best friend in a corner of the club library and read the “Ways to Blow His Mind (and more…)” articles and said to each other “Eww! People do that?” at 16. To “Ooh! You can do that?” at 18 to more recently… 😉

Thank you for teaching me to define my own style instead of being a fashion victim. And for teaching me to never wear red lipstick with red nailpolish (not that I ever would have, but I now have an authoritative source to quote) And for teaching me how to apply makeup right and what to carry in my bag. (The emergency gloss always comes in handy when there’s a cute new guy around or I feel out of place and under-dressed)

Thank you for teaching me that it’s not cool to be an indiscriminate consumerist and to blow big money on stuff that counts (That white shirt and those heels were worth that obscene amount I paid for them, thank you!)

Thank you for teaching me about office politics and health and toxic relationships and to value my man just about as much as I value my jeans 😀

And oh, thanks for featuring only Sushmita Sen on your cover. I would have died if you’d made the wishy washy other one your cover girl 😛

A very grateful reader

~ Me


2 Responses to “Dear Cosmo”

  1. Deepthi Says:

    It all sounds like a thanks mail from me too if ever I write one.. and oh! it still teaches me things… 😛

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