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The Night September 6, 2008

Filed under: Life,Life in Amreeka,Priceless,Randomness — The Goddess @ 10:14 am

Walked 4 miles to the closest pub

Ordered a pasta and salad

Met random people

Assured drunk American guy that I had met his friend Mike

Watched desi classmates get drunk

Met a new professor for the first time in the throes of a beer buzz

Watched recruiters we met in the morning do shots in little test tubes

Left early at 12

Waited in the cold in bus stop till 12 15

Watched two cops chase down someone

Watched an ambulence arrive

Watched cops handcuff guy

Watched him be carted away in the police car

Bus did not arrive

Tried calling cab. Got no response

Cop was free by then

Asked cop how to get home

Verified to cop where I live

Friend reached cab company

Cop left amused

Drunk bus arrives

We ditch cab and run

Bus drops us home

We tip driver $2

Write blog while it’s all fresh in the mind….


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