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The cold, the sweaters, the wisdom tooth and more… October 18, 2008

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So, I finally finished a “Case analysis and Presentations” class. And I learnt to write more descriptive titles on the slides when I make. That explains this title, doesn’t it?

So, it’s finally “Fall”. All the small talk I’ve been making about not seeing leaves turn color (spelling intentional) doesn’t hold good anymore. I have to find new small talk to make in the next recruiting season. The leaves have started to turn color and I finally get to have the pleasure of walking on piles of dried leaves hearing them crunch. I’ve loved that sound ever since I was a kid (well, the leaves do fall off trees in large numbers in winters in India). 

But what people didn’t tell me was that fall = cold and breezy. I’ve been shivering my all-sorts-of-inappropriate-to-mention-in-public body parts off this past couple of weeks. Goodbye hawai chappals (my bathroom slippers are a style statement here) Goodbye skirts, Goodbye springing out of bed early in the morning, Goodbye going out for a stroll just because, Goodbye a lot of things. 

And while I’ve been growing wiser about the way of the leaves and the wind and the breeze, I’ve felt some pangs of wisdom in the left bottom corner of my mouth. Yep! The very same wisdom tooth the dentist (No not “the dentist”. Just the random dentist) said will not cause any trouble is now acting as a temperature indicator. The moment the temperature drops into the 30’s (Farenheit not Centigrade) my tooth takes it upon itself to let me know.

So here I am, in a strange new world 😛 learning to follow an antiquated system of measurement (miles, farenheit, pounds, gallons… I’m told daylight saving will hit soon) with a temperature indicator in my mouth for company and living in weather formerly known as “mid winter” (when I was in Jamshedpur) keeping my fingers carefully warm while waiting for the bus when suddenly, a bunch of idiots go jogging by in their chaddi-baniyaan.

I swear, I’ve been in this country for three months now and I get more and more confused by what I see. Food portions large enough to feed an army of elephants and more, people lining up in their cars to buy food to eat while they drive, people who spill coffee on their keyboards (I work in tech services part-time), who think cheese is God’s gift to mankind, who go jogging in the freezing cold… I could go on and on

I know. I haven’t made too much sense so far. But this post was not about sense anyway… It was just a random rambling… The kind I am so good at! Oh, if you’ve made it this far, please vote on the polls too please gentle reader!


One Response to “The cold, the sweaters, the wisdom tooth and more…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You did not mention how hungry you become in the cold :p

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