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Nearing 10,000 October 31, 2008

Filed under: Blogging — The Goddess @ 8:21 pm

It’s really exciting for me to see that the number of hits currently stands at 9,964. Given the normal trend, I should hit 10,000 over the weekend. And of course, this is the hits for the wordpress blog. I don’t remember where my blogger stats were when I shifted base.

Sometimes, I wonder, what this obsession we all have with numbers ending with zero followed by numbers ending with 5. I mean, there are 7 days in a week, so we might as well revere multiples of 7…

And I wonder why this 10,000 mark means so much to me. It’s not like there are any awards to be given away for this…

But still. I am excited and I shall stay excited. In keeping with my new home, will sign off with Happy Haloween! 🙂


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