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What’s Too Private? January 21, 2009

Filed under: Life in Amreeka,Little Things — The Goddess @ 7:08 am

So, the husband has this wonderful opportunity to give a talk in wonderful climes. And I am simbly bored of being the ideal student so I decided to bunk class for a week and go gallavanting off to this great place myself. BUT, of course there’s a but. There’s always a BUT. Life is all about the big BUT. 

BUT I have two team projects running through the semester and I need to skip meetings for a week if I want to go on this adventure of mine. So I did what makes most sense. No, I didn’t give them advance notice that I was going to fall sick. I just told them that I was going to be out of town on personal business for a week. And could they get by without me for that short period of time? No one asked what the personal business was and they asked me to be available over e-mail and let me go…

When I look back at all the times I wanted to take some personal time off from work in India not once can I remember at least one person not asking me where I was, what I was doing and why I needed the time off. 

It’s strange really. This is a country where all conversation seems to happen at check-out counters, tech support desks and elevators. The check-out girl at walmart tells me that she and her boyfriend sleep in a friends living room on the same airbed we bought, only it’s smaller. The women who come in to tech support tell me how their boyfriend screwed up their computer. Guys in elevators make random conversation as we move from floor 0 to 7. And all that sort of thing. But share news of a birth, a death or something everyone shares with the world in India and you’ll surely hear the words “Thank you for sharing that with me”. I shake my head in disbelief!

A few years ago, when I still believed the west was better than the east, I would perhaps have wondered why we Indians behave the way we do. But now, I wonder how people can be so different being people after all…


3 Responses to “What’s Too Private?”

  1. Raksha Says:


    People are people after all.. culture is what we should wonder about!! you spoke my mind here!

  2. Mridvika Raisinghani Says:

    Nice! I have so many instances that i can narrate where I was asked 101 questions before i was let off for some personal work in India..Here, as long as work gets one cares! No one intrudes once the words ‘personal business’ have been spoken!

  3. Bilboy Says:

    May be (in Here) they don’t care at all about your “personal business”. In long run work becomes boring if life is detached from it and one asks the ultimate question “What am I doing ? :p”

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