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Fame and Glory March 12, 2009

Filed under: Blogging,The Way I Say It — The Goddess @ 10:03 am

Sometimes, I wonder if I should aspire for blog-star status. Here’s where you can find a list of popular Indian blogs (Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan and the joys of sex included) and it seems to me that blogging is about more than a personal space these days.

I wonder, if my general lack of ambition in all spaces and my dreamy way of dealing with life in general is reflected in my attitude towards blogging too… I feel little responsiblity or actual ownership towards this blog. I feel no compelling need to post just to keep up the hits. I feel no need to cash in with ads, no need to have a zillion people link to my blogs (but, yes, it would be nice if all the links that I know exist showed up in the google search) and I absolutely cannot imagine having (shudder) fans.

All this of course, was not prompted by serious thought on my own part. It was a long lost friend who declared that my blog was nice enough but not famous enough. And he pointed out that I have no fans who treat me like a star.

Hmm… I never thought of myself as a potential star. This is the era of 5 minutes fame, of course. But famous for writing a blog? Famous for cribbing about people, making fun of things, throwing up the odd insight or two and attempting to be funny? Really? Is that all it takes?

I prefer to think my readers are smarter than mere fans. And I want this blog to do more than chronicle the mundane and glorify the ordinary. I do not want this space to be embarrassingly personal or explicit. Not an attempt to make my life appear grander and more happening than it is. Not a way to exact revenge, not inflict unsought for opinions, not pseudo-intellectual, not outrageous, not opinionated and not commercial.

This blog, in short, is all about me. My life, my thoughts, my sudden insights, my ideas, me and all about me. And I wouldn’t want it otherwise!




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