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Show Some Spirit! March 20, 2009

Filed under: The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 10:44 am

Do you know any inisipid characters? People who never disagree with anyone at all, never express their ideas. People who never jump at a chance, take risks or do anything unconventional.

Someone who never seems to have a personal opinion of their own, who never can handle conflict. Someone who never seems to take offence even if you insult them directly to their face (well, indirectly, but not subtly).

Someone who can never stand up and declare they’re in love. Can never run out into the rain just because it’s the first warm rain after months of cold. 

Someone who thinks twice before indulging in ice cream. Someone who can spend 10 mins of their life weighing options for a butter-like spread factoring in calories, artificial ingredients, price-per-ounce and taste.

People like that…

I keep meeting people who have many of the traits listed above (ugh! what a terrible sentence) and I end up observing them. Baffled. It never ceases to amaze me how people go through live devoid of all passion. Well, devoid of an outward expression of (sexually neutral) passion anyway.

People who can’t stand up for a cause, for what they think is right. People forever afraid of offending someone else. People who have clearly defined criteria (set in stone) for the kind of person they want to date (exactly like themselves). People who cannot appreciate the little things in life.

People who crib and whine and spend most of their time living in either the past or the future but never the present. People who can never appreciate what they learn in class, who think its an expression of individuality to consistantly criticize everything they see. 

People who lack the guts to criticize you to your face. People who make it their life’s mission to observe and anyalyze every happening in someone elses life…

People who, in short, lack spirit. Trapped in worlds of their own creation. Not understanding that everyone should be different. Not understanding the need to just run about free. Trapped by self-imposed and mostly imaginary burdens of duty and ambition while life passes them by not bothering to send a meeting request.



2 Responses to “Show Some Spirit!”

  1. Mridvika Says: seems pissed..Hope all is well in school!

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