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Questions About India April 17, 2009

Filed under: Life in Amreeka — The Goddess @ 10:33 pm

No one’s asked me yet whether I rode an elephant to school back in India, but I have encountered quite a few other questions. I’ve been amused by most and offended by none and I can never seem to answer any to my satisfaction. Can someone help?

  1. Is Bombay really like they show it in Slumdog Millionaire?
  2. Did you like Slumdog Millionaire?
  3. Is Patel a really common name in India?
  4. Are there really cows on the streets? Why?
  5. What language do you speak in India?
  6. Was Gandhi really popular?
  7. Did you have an arranged marriage? Really? Why?
  8. What do India and Pakistan fight over?
  9. Have you heard of <insert name of famous American Person> in India?
  10. Why are Bollywood movies so sentimental?

And the most priceless of all, “If you’ve been in the US for just 6 months, how come you speak such good English?”



15 Responses to “Questions About India”

  1. Mish Says:

    you forgot to add

    so people who follow hinduism are muslims?

    and the question about Buddha… i forgot what it was

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My Prof(Chinese) asked if in mumbai, slums and skyscrapers are so close to each other. apparently, in china, they are far away from each other.


  3. deepti Says:

    Have you heard another one: Are most people vegetarian in India? Have you never eaten meat…oh wow! Never!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Have you heard another one: Are most people vegetarian in India? Have you never eaten meat…oh wow! Never!

      north indian gallu kood idey adugutaanu nannu. do ppl eat meat in andhra ani


  4. bilboy Says:

    You forgot one more.

    What is the thing that you put on your forehead?

  5. The Goddess Says:

    Was The Buddha an Indian Prince? That was a one off question, so didn’t post it.

    slums and skyscrapers competing for space, that’s Indian democracy for you 😛

    Ooh! How could I ever forget?

  6. bilboy Says:

    What about snake charmers and huts?

  7. Mohini Says:

    Whether the husband wears something equivalent to a Mangalsutra…

  8. The Goddess Says:

    yeah! LOL!

  9. Bilboy Says:

    What are the answers (that you would tell) to these questions.
    1) Of course yes. Did u think that it was a big set?

    2) No.

    3) Patel is the john of India.

    4)Yea. because people stay in houses.

    5) We speak, bo bo ba ba

    6) Of course. He was the one who popularized the summer attire of dothi.

    Some one please answer the other questions ;p

  10. The Goddess Says:


  11. Sines Says:

    I mean people are curious, not everybody is supposed to know everything we know about India. Did you know that families travel and eat dinner together on Thanksgiving before you moved to US?!

    But since everybody is adding to the list here’s my weirdest comment. Patient to me, “Doc, are you Indian?” When I said yes, they said, “Oh my cleaning lady is from Columbia.” Like wtf seriously, not all ethnic people can be grouped the same!! But of course I didnt say it, just thought to myself.

    • The Goddess Says:

      Like I said, I’m just amused by the comments, not really offended or anything.

      As for the Thanksgiving fact, well, thanks to American popular literature and movies and tv, we know a lot more (skewed) facts about America than the average American knows about Indians…

      It’s the never ending stereotypes (on both sides) that annoy me a little.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    one of mr frnds works in a hospital. it seems those guys were horrified when they came to know that she mixes curd and rice for lunch everyday


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