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Changing April 25, 2009

Filed under: Growing Up — The Goddess @ 1:36 am

As we grow up, we change, we mellow down, we grow more cynical and wary, we seem to know more, we learn from our mistakes and we lose much of our capacity to be righteously outraged. And yet, curiously, we remain the same!

As I grow up, and I discover the person I am, I learn more about what makes me tick. I find some parts of me that I could just not live with even if I chose to do the pragmatic thing and change to suit the surroundings. For the longest time, it seemed rigid, unaccepting of change, unrealistic and just plain silly to not do what the situation demands. But when I look back on the last few years of my life, it was the moments when I decided to not change and face the consequences that shaped me the most. They’re the decisions that brought with them the best moments of my life. From little things like awards at work, a clear conscience and reclaiming my privacy to huge things like escaping a disastrous “match” with the wrong guy, picking the right one and discovering friendships that survive distance and time.

The part of us that cannot change, is what defines us. I know I’m eccentric, a bit of a know it all, a perfectionist, careful and considerate most times, impatient and infinitely patient all at once.  And I know that to change any of this would be to change me. At some point, we all need to learn that it’s as important to resist change as it is to accept it if we do not wish to kill who we are.

The most valuable lesson I have ever learnt is to treasure who I am. If I cannot do that, it’s foolish to expect that someone else will…



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