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My New Twitter May 29, 2009

Filed under: Randomness — The Goddess @ 8:10 pm

Twitter is too creepy (sorry all Twitterers). But I like the idea of giving random, minute by minute updates to people in my life so I use my status message on gtalk to do that. All those who want to know when the Avakaya has arrived, when I crave idli, when I read something random or want to be hit with other useless trivia about me please add me on gchat.

For a spoof on Twitter, check out the current series of B.C. cartoons here.


3 Responses to “My New Twitter”

  1. Joy Forever Says:

    I agree. As if the status messages on GTalk, Orkut and Facebook weren’t enough!

  2. ww Says:

    my twitter life is the shortest I guess in the worldwideweb. Signed on > Sent one Tweet > deleted the account – 50 secs ???

  3. The Goddess Says:

    @joy forever
    amazing! you just echoed my sentiments

    wonder what the tweet was…

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