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The Horror! June 29, 2009

Filed under: Life in Amreeka — The Goddess @ 7:53 pm

There’s a way to double your patience with $400. Try flying Delta from Newark. If the constant delays don’t teach you restraint (grown women don’t cry, even if their flights have been rescheduled 3 times and delayed 4 times), the surly agents surely will (one mustn’t slap people however rude…)

I’m sure I did nothing evil enough in this lifetime to deserve this:

  1. Memphis – Newark Connection: Delayed. Severe thunderstorms in Newark. The crew decides to tell us two minutes after we’ve all boarded the plane and fastened our seatbelts. Reach New Jersey at 1:30 am
  2. New Jersey Train to the City: Train breaks down halfway through. Stranded in the middle of nowhere (warehouses, if you’d like to know) for 45 mins before heading back sheepishly.
  3. Newark – Cincinnati (original flight): Delayed. Must reschedule unless I look forward to spending night at Cincinnati airport.
  4. Newark – Atlanta  (rescheduled flight, two hours later): Delayed. Must reschedule for morning unless I look forward to spending night at Atlanta airport. Must chase checked-in bag at Delta Baggage Claim (rude, unhelpful agents)
  5. Newark – Detroit (rescheduled flight, at 6am): After 20 mins and shuttling twice between NWA and Delta, realize agent from previous evening has booked me onto tomorrows flight instead of todays
  6. Newark – Cincinnati (rescheduled for 5:55am): Cut my way through line at security check only to discover flight has been delayed by 45 mins (“missing” tow bar and truck!)
  7. Cincinnati – Evansville: All goes well. Even Murphy gives up trying! Reach home by 11:30am.

Thank heavens my tiny baby niece is cute… But even the common quarter genes don’t exert a pull strong enough to endure this horror again. Ever!

Now I know why America is the land of gas guzzling highway travel… Besides, driving may be greener than flying anyway…


2 Responses to “The Horror!”

  1. Joy Forever Says:

    Welcome to my city (Newark)! You were lucky you didn’t get mugged in the middle of all this…

  2. The Goddess Says:

    lol! that’s all i needed… thank’s for helping me see the bright side! 😛

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