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Desi Habits August 10, 2009

Filed under: Life in Amreeka — The Goddess @ 5:34 pm

Here’s a new blog a friend pointed me to today. It’s about annoying habits (a second level of them, whatever that means) Desis in America possess. If the author is to be believed, these habits are universal to all FOB’s (I think I count among those) and are extremely annoying.

For some reason, I find nothing more annoying than the constant ranting about annoying habits. Every demographic has their own set of weird habits. Ours evidently revolve around white sneakers, a very un-cool accent and saving money wherever possible. And the point is?

Of all the different people I’ve come across, Desis seem to be the only ones who absolutely¬†love to either glorify India – culture, traditions, niceness of people and now IT and the railways – or love to disassociate themselves from all things Indian – corruption, population, pollution, politicians – there hardly ever seems to be a happy medium.

None of my American or Asian friends seem to delight in constantly listing the annoying things about their cultures. They either light-heartedly joke about themselves (What do you call someone who speaks only one language? American) or not make a big deal of their cultural “differences”. They just live with it and move on.

I would ordinarily not have made such a big deal about this blog. It just caught me on a bad day. But it’s still worth thinking about. What disturbs me about this blog is not the content but the spirit of it. There seems to be a vague sense of superiority about it. A sense of I-am-not-one-of-these-people. And for most part, more frustration and annoyance than cheerful acceptance and jest.

ps: Please don’t miss the counter post here. I love the inferences they’ve made about me, my friends, my lifestyle and other assorted habits based solely on this post.

It is just amazing how intelligently they have judged everything about me, no?


5 Responses to “Desi Habits”

  1. Joy Forever Says:

    Good God! That was almost like watching Mr. Holmes deliver a description of the murderer after sniffing around the scene of the crime! These people ARE clever!

    Personally I completely agree with this either-glorify-or-ridicule attitude of desis. I have said this to so many friends too. In my opinion, it comes from the person’s indecision about whether to settle in the US or go back to India. If they want to settle, they ridicule India as much as possible to convince themselves and everyone else around them that they took the right decision by coming out of that hell-hole. The other category glorifies India in order to justify their decision to leave the US and go back.
    I also fall into one of these categories, so I do not think I am superior. The writer of that blog, however, does. So why not let them do it and enjoy the show? It’s not everyday that you come across free entertainment like this.

    See… there I go again, looking for free stuff… just like those stupid FOBs…

  2. Chakri Says:

    Wried.. that there is an exchange going on.. I went through the blog and from my perspective, I felt she was just a concentrated version of you. especially on the arranged marriage post.

  3. AD Says:

    If said rants annoy you so why read them and then go off on one yourself? What gives you carte blanche? I was neither raised in India nor here…but in the 2 yrs that i’ve lived here even i know that the Americans do have their differences and don’t necessarily move on-yes the red- neck jokes. And what about African-Americans making fun of white people and their ways?

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