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I’ve Been Thinking August 27, 2009

Filed under: Randomness — The Goddess @ 11:11 am

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things. I’ve been thinking in generalities, about the way of the world, the ways of people and the popularity of Asterix comix. I’ve been thinking specifics about my life, my ideas for the future, my plans and my uncertainities. Yet, there has been no coherence to my thoughts. And my indecision has finally taken over my life. Leaving me with open ended thoughts, questions, dreams that don’t seem to end and ideas that never seem to firm up.

I’ve been thinking about jobs. What I want to do and where I want to be in the next few years. And I’ve been thinking about what I would like my career to look like in a few years. And also been wondering if The Great Recession will allow me to find one in the first place.

I’ve been thinking about myself. What’s important to me, what’s not, what I really want to do, spending more time with myself, my thoughts and my quirks. And I’ve been trying to learn to be nice to myself and give myself some credit for what I’ve accomplished so far.

I’ve been thinking about my friends. All of the people I love who have been around, been there for me, in my insane moods, shared my foulest moments, lived with the constant drama and just generally been great friends…

I’ve been spending setting up our first home together since we were married last year. I’ve been looking at all the junk we’ve accumulated (him over the last five years, me over the last one), been sorting through clothes, giving some away to Goodwill, moving boxes, packing, unpacking, repacking and arranging. Cooking, cleaning, discovering that I will probably never be a stay-home wife by choice.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be Hindu. I’ve been spending some time thinking about the Unity, the Trinity, about why we worship the same God in different pieces… I’ve been thinking about what Hinduism really means to me and been amused by the inconsistancies in the stories we read.

I’ve been thinking about people. In general.

I’ve suspended thinking and watched the weirdest Bollywood and old Telugu movies imaginable. And also a bit of Yes, Minister and other random stuff. Also the Star Wars prequels on TV (terrible, just terrible).

I’ve also been thinking about my blog. And why I’ve been so erratic about posting. About moving to my own domain. And random stuff.

But really, I’ve just been thinking…


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