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Coming Soon! September 1, 2009

Filed under: Blogging — The Goddess @ 4:39 pm is coming soon!

I’m planning to move to my own domain in the next few days. I’m just tired of shuttling between Blogger and WordPress and trying to figure out what I like better.

I can finally add ads onto my site (hopefully, you’ll help me make enough to cover hosting costs). I can finally design a template that I like, post a few more pictures, maybe some videos and get better stats on who’s reading. I can finally move Marriage Market onto the new domain and not have to advertise it too much (there are some new posts by new authors, btw, you should check them out).

This might be a good time to start up a food blog. I know there are millions out there and I’m not that great a cook. But I’ve been getting better and I’ve been wanting to talk about living in Amreeka, small town Amreeka to be precise and write about cooking on beaten up old stoves, cooking without setting off the smoke detector, substituting zucchini for lauki and generally making the best of the tiny Indian grocery aisle in the local international market.

It’s been a year but I haven’t been able to make peace with an American diet. That’s probably because I’ve been avoiding desserts and cheese. Living in a small town and eating veggie usually means they take the meat out but don’t bother to put in anything else. So, that essentially leaves me with, erm, leaves. And perhaps fries. Or cheese. Call me un-acculturated (or a fob) but I prefer my dal-chawal to what I encounter on a daily basis anyday (how long can one live on pita bread and hummus and cheese pizza?).

So, I end my rambling here… Any suggestions for a new domain are welcome!


7 Responses to “Coming Soon!”

  1. SS Says:

    It could be even worse – try going carb-free, like I’m doing, and see what you’re left with: bagfuls of raw spinach with a neembu-mirchi dressing. :-/

  2. tarantismo Says:

    hello there,
    can I have your email id?

  3. Joy Forever Says:

    I’m looking forward eagerly for your cooking blog. Now don’t turn up your nose at me because I am a non-vegeterian – I still hate the stuff that I mostly encounter. And being a “Bong” (and a FOB one at that), a life without sarson ka tel is no life at all! I too cook my own dal chawal (and some other things) everyday, and make the best use of the stuff that I get at the Mexican store nearby. So any tips will be greatly appreciated.

    • The Goddess Says:

      one reader! yay!

      you know, I promised myself a long time ago that as long as this blog gets 10 (unforced, unbribed) hits a week, I’ll continue to write. thanks for being part of those.

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