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Goddess or Agony Aunt? October 20, 2009

Filed under: Randomness,The Way I Say It,Through a Woman's Eyes — The Goddess @ 2:57 pm

Here’s a comment I recently received:

Dear Agony Aunt,

How should I decide if I am ready to spend the rest of my hopefully long life with someone I met a couple of times when I take months, sometimes years, to choose my friends?!

What would I ask her? “What are your hobbies? Who’s your fav actor? What’s your fav movie? So, will you marry me?”

How would I buy her a surprise wedding gift when I dont know her taste?

How would I romance an almost stranger? And now it’s almost scientifically proven by Nature that I have no luck with a love marriage! Am I going die single? šŸ˜¦

Dear Distressed Desi Male,

Unless the most important decisions of your life revolve around watching movies, building your DVD collection and planning how to use your spare room, may I suggest you ask more meaningful questions such as what marriage means to her, whether she considers an arranged marriage a last resort and what plans and/or dreams she has for her future?

May I also gently point out that we no longer live in the dark ages and you could possibly write her an email or two even if you can’t meet her in person?

And Beta, correct me if I’m wrong. When you run around dating that cute girl you only met that one time at a party, are you not romancing a stranger till you decide you love her?

Louve Shouve is all fine Beta, but you must remember, arranged marriage is our Sanskriti. It is our Baratiya Sabhyata. It is also our last resort.

With Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Married Life.

Your Friendly Agony Aunty

ps: Diamonds are the best surprise

to all readers – please note the sarcasm…


6 Responses to “Goddess or Agony Aunt?”

  1. deeps Says:

    hahaaha!!!why does everyone come to you for the justification of arranged marriage! Poor Sam!

    • The Goddess Says:

      i have another post on the same topic coming up. this time, explaining arranged marriages to a Mexican friend šŸ˜€

  2. Mish Says:

    i remember having this conversation with the team on the last day of the capstone.

  3. Joy Forever Says:

    Ok, so now I know whom to approach if I have questions like those. šŸ˜€

  4. Deepthi Says:

    Did too.. note the sarcasm I mean

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