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Held to Ransom by an Alcoholic December 10, 2009

Filed under: My Political Stand — The Goddess @ 10:35 am

Isn’t it time some of us stepped into politics?


6 Responses to “Held to Ransom by an Alcoholic”

  1. vamshi Says:

    issue is being held for ransom… lets not soil the good name of alcohol….

    very unfortunate what happened..

    • The Goddess Says:

      Well, Gandhi held the British to ransom too. But that was to our advantage. The issue for me is that today, any idiot – a fanatic, an alcoholic, an extremist – can get away with holding us to ransom, and we let him!

      • vamshi Says:

        this agitation was going on for years now… did you not think of it as a ticking bomb….. ab pachtaake kya faida jab chidiya chug gai khet..

  2. Anirudh Says:

    Gandhi was fighting against a Police State, there were no constitutional means to protest in a British Colony!please no comparisions with Gandhi!

  3. Deepthi Says:

    I want my own colony now.. Seriouly, if a guy can get away with what he did, I, being more educated than him, sure deserve a colony/kingdom for myself.. Especially when I’m in the princess-y mood.. 😛

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