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Search for an Opening Line January 13, 2010

Filed under: PhD Dreams — The Goddess @ 12:05 am

I have a lot of ideas. Unfortunately, none are entirely suitable…

I always wonder why it’s called research when what we’re really trying to do is discover something new. Perhaps it’s called research because we can never find what we’re looking for the first time. Once we tweak the data, we find what we hoped to find. Therefore, research always works. Searching rarely does.

I am motivated to do research because I always misplace things and I’m re-searching for them.

I’m hoping that a PhD can help me postpone real life for a while…

I want to learn. I want to teach. And I want to make money doing them.

I believe I’m ready to pursue a PhD because I’ve already started to work on my procrastination skills.


3 Responses to “Search for an Opening Line”

  1. Bilboy Says:

    I think the last reason is the correct one. On the way you will gain
    a little knowledge :p.

    • The Goddess Says:

      I liked this bit, “It’s hard to tell young people that universities recognize that their idealism and energy — and lack of information — are an exploitable resource.”

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