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About Me February 27, 2009

I like people giving me flowers

I live on chocolate

I like excellence

I drink lots of water

I prefer pedicures to facials

I’m lazy

I’m pampered

I like cats better than dogs

I like blogthings

I’m impulsive

I talk a lot

I’m secretive

I always seem to attract attention

I like smileys

I have a crush on a thin guy with a cute smile on my floor who never seems to notice me

I have lots of crushes

I like dimples

I like food

I go through spurts of orkut addiction

I hate dentists

I like java

I love teddy bears

I like being treated like a princess

I think I look better with a short messy haircuts

I’m fussy about my eyebrows

I love Barista

I love my friends

I can’t stand crowds

Sometimes, I feel like running away to BHU and learning music all over again.

I prefer Bollywood movies to Hollywood flicks

I LOUVE Mahesh Babu’s smile (drool)

I sing mass songs with great flair and finesse

I prefer my Samsung MP3 Player to my iPod Nano

I hate hypocrisy

I’m a brilliant listener

I have a very low stupidity threshold

I’m a great believer in love and romance

I want to get a Ph.D.

I want to teach

I like children

I refuse to grow up in some ways

I treasure and fiercely guard my freedom

I’m extremely intelligent

I like change

I think I’ve said enough.

Ooh! I am annoyed by people who act like they know it all…


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Vishnu Says:

    Sam (garu..!! )

    I have been following ur blog for about 3 yrs now… and for me its like an experience of seeing an older sister grow, get restless before marriage and finally getting married and almost settling down in life. Its a rare glimpse of a mature woman’s heart. (I am one of those guys without female influence in life whatsoever but luckily not a MCP).
    In simple two words “U rock” !..! … plz continue blogging… 🙂

    P.S.: Don’t bother about taking a look at my blog… it sucks in comparison to yours, and moreover I stopped writing on it about 2 yrs ago….

  2. Deepthi Says:

    I am annoyed with people who seem to chide me! (and hence act as if they know better ALWAYS!) 🙂

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