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The Start June 8, 2008

Filed under: Environment,The Way I Am — The Goddess @ 11:19 pm

So, I walked the half kilometer to the supermarket and I took my own jute bag. It was a little difficult to get them to let me in with the bag (shoplifting is a justified fear) and they found it a little odd that I said no plastic.

And of course, it wasn’t as quick and easy to get home with the heavy stuff as it would have been in a car. But it’s not so difficult as we seem to have convinced ourselves it is. There is dust, there is pollution, there is bad traffic and it is hell to cross the road but well, I’m not as much of a pampered princess as I thought I was… 🙂

It just struck me that even if I have to buy a lot of stuff I could just walk down, give him my list of groceries, leave a couple of bags with him and ask him to deliver home. It would be quite all right because the supermarket would deliver to multiple houses in one trip.

It’s nice to to my bit instead of cribbing about a selfish world… 🙂