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Extra! Read All About It! July 30, 2009

Filed under: In the News — The Goddess @ 2:04 pm

Here are some of today’s Headlines as they appear on my feeds from “recognized sources”.

Obama’s ex-doctor critical of health care plan
And I care because?

As U.S. recession bites, Ohio hopes fade for Obama
Wasn’t he just elected?

Low-Cost Airlines Fly High
Umm, so do all others…

McGurn: New Jersey’s ‘Italian’ Problem
The “WSJ Opinion” has nothing to do with “Italian”

Apologies aren’t expected at Obama ‘beer summit’
I don’t even want to read this one…

S M Krishna proving to be another Shivraj Patil: BJP
Quibbling politicians. Sigh!

Opposition accuses govt of surrendering to US
I didn’t know we were waging a war with the US!

Himesh gets two voices
God Forbid!