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This Is Exactly How I Feel August 31, 2009

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The Real Woman August 9, 2009

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Since the last post was about women’s expectations from men, I thought I’d be nice to the men-folk who read this blog and post this, about what men would like a real woman to be like…



Raghav Andar July 19, 2009

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I usually don’t advertise other people’s blogs. But here’s a set of videos I think are amazing. Anti-ragging campaigns will always find a supporter in me.


From The WSJ Opinion April 24, 2009

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Here’s something “the former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush” wrote for the Wall Street Journal. It would be good to hear some comments from you guys on it. One line that stuck out…

In London, he [President Obama] said that decisions about the world financial system were no longer made by “just Roosevelt and Churchill sitting in a room with a brandy” — as if that were a bad thing.

As if that were a bad thing…

I really wish the WSJ would stick to economics.


Sound Familiar? March 29, 2009

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Outrageous March 7, 2009

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I try to refrain from judging too harshly when I read controversial news articles. But this one, is just outrageous. A nine-year-old girl, raped by her stepfather and left pregnant has an abortion and the Catholic Church decides to excommunicate them and the doctors who performed the procedure.

Are they freakin’ out of their minds? Does pro-life mean anti-mother’s life?


The Silliest Poem in the ICSE Book February 17, 2009

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HOW happy is he born or taught
That serveth not another’s will,
Whose armor is his honest thought,
And simple truth his highest skill;

Whose passions not his masters are;
Whose soul is still prepared for death,
Untied unto the world with care
Of princes’ grace or vulgar breath;

Who envies none whom chance doth raise,
Or vice; who never understood
The deepest wounds are given by praise,
By rule of state but not of good;

Who hath his life from rumours freed,
Whose conscience is his strong retreat,
Whose state can neither flatterers feed
Nor ruins make accusers great;

Who God doth late and early pray
More of his grace than goods to send,
And entertains the harmless day
With a well-chosen book or friend.

This man is free from servile bands
Of hope to rise or fear to fall,
Lord of himself, though not of lands,
And having nothing, yet hath all.

– Sir Henry Wotton