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Accepting Applications April 24, 2009

For the post of onsite best friend.


Must willingly spend time with me instead of succumbing to academic, social or personal pressure and spending time for the sake of future gain.

Must not complain when I call in the middle of the night with intellectual, emotional, philosophical, nonsensical or whimsical demands.

Must be able to appreciate the concept of a sense of space and gauge moods.

Must consume occasional doses of gyan with a teaspoon of salt (or preferred seasoning).

Must be capable of sustaining intelligent conversation not centered around “Academics” or “People Around Us” or constantly compare life with “The Way it Was”.

Must understand that a friend is not someone who fills up time when the significant other can’t be there.

Must live within walking distance of my apartment.


Unwavering loyalty

A shoulder to cry on

An ear to crib to

A person who cares

Endless conversations

Amazing coffee!

Closing Comments:

Individuals holding this post in the past will be able to provide further inputs regarding the post and perks


Note to Self March 31, 2009

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Must remember lessons about people being self-involved and fond of putting on a martyr avtaar for longer than one disappointment at a time.


Weight and Watch November 20, 2008

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It’s been quite some time since I haven’t sucked in my breath, looked sideways in the mirror and assured myself that I am not quite fat. I could stand losing a few pounds (when in the US, use weird measures) maybe. But I am certainly not fat.

Of course, it never counts if siblings tell you that you’re fat. Because that’s what siblings are for. To make you feel like there’s something wrong with your life… ­čśŤ┬áBut WW called me and said (among other things) that I seem to have developed a little paunch… I had to sit up straight and take things seriously.┬á

I have always been somewhat vain about my looks and 2-3 extra kilos seem to me like I’m overweight and ready to compete on those weight loss reality shows on TV. Not to mention the fact that I pull out the Indian clothes once I cross a certain treshold. But I can’t do that right now. It’s too freakin’ cold! So I have to suffer seeing myself in the once so sexy little tops and live with myself. Yes, I agree, I’m a drama queen so I won’t really put away those sexy tops till I lose a little weight.

I stepped onto a scale for the first time in a long, long time yesterday and I saw a number that quite literally shocked me. I actually cried a lot of tears over what I’ve let myself become before I realized that I was crying for something more than just the stupid extra 3 kilos. I haven’t worked out in over a year now so I knew this was coming. But what really upset me was the fact that I haven’t taken the time over the past one year to see what I was doing and where I was headed.

I have been so wrapped up in vast and various things over the last few months that I haven’t even had the time to see what I’m doing, what I’m eating and how I feel. I’ve been too busy chasing admits and visas and tailors and God knows who else to even pause a while and do something for me that makes me feel better. I’ve thought too much, analyzed everything to bits and not paid enough attention to things that mean a lot to me personally. Neglection of Simbly Bored over the last few months or more tops the list.

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and sang. Or worked out. Or was lost to the world because I was reading a book. I can’t remember the last time I had an idea that excited me. A song that I looped endlessly because I was so much in love with it. Or any of those moments that characterize me. One of those intensely “alive” moments that are so me…

Instead, I seem to have slowed down. Mellowed. Become more careful, critical, analyzing, as impulsive in many ways but just a lot different from how I remember myself. I remember myself as someone bubbly, enthusiastic, with my foot in my mouth most of the time. Happy most of the time. Ponderous sometimes but on the whole a person whose presence would be sorely missed if she wasn’t around. Just so alive.

It’s not about how I look anymore. It’s about becoming someone I don’t quite recognize. It’s about collecting myself and lowering (or even better, removing) expectations, relaxing and just living life the way I am so used to living.┬á


What Kind of Person? November 4, 2008

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So often now I come across people who do unspeakable dreadful things. Things that upset me, that shatter my faith and make me wonder about human kind in general.

It’s not things like war and terrorism and global warming that bother me anymore. They seem to be as sort of mega issues out of the control of any one person in particular and up to the race in general. No. It’s more subtle things that worry me and make my skin crawl.

The way people behave in a place not really their own. The way people take advantage of others. The way people can not be bothered. Inconsideration, selfishness, self-centeredness…

The way people just don’t care.

Squabbles over petty things. Being unconcerned even as someone else so evidently needs help…

I can’t explain it. I wish I could. But sometimes, I wish some people could be a little more human…


Little Gloom, Lots of Lies March 12, 2008

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The more confused I am, the more the internal conflict, the more lies I tell, the more I avoid people who make me think about things more clearly.

What is the conflict? Good question. By the time I’ve articulated it, I’ve usually resolved it. So there’s no point in describing these eternal conflicts of mine…

As of now, I’m keep away from real conversation and leave half my brain free so I can think about other things instead…

Some of the excuses I make in my escape from conflict are quite shameless, really… I wish I could confront things better.


Huge December 3, 2007

Making a decision to turn your life upside down based solely and entirely on the trust you place in a single person… Now that’s what I call huge.


Relationship Maintenance November 22, 2007

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Try googling for “high maintenance girlfriend”. Then try googling for “high maintenance boyfriend”.It’s astounding. There’s an msn quiz right up front that professes to tell you whether or not your girlfriend is “high maintenance” but there’s nothing to find out if your boyfriend is!
It doesn’t stop there. There’s more. If you google for high maintenance and boyfriend together, you’re more likely to find a girl wondering why her boyfriend says she’s high maintenance than anything else.

I wonder, what is it about society in general that makes women wonder a zillion times whether they’re high maintenance or whether they expect too much from their partners while there’s no such standard for men?

I refuse to believe that women tend to demand more from relationships than men. (Or vice versa. I’m not a male bashing kind of feminist). But maybe they’re just a little more likely to change a lot of things without noticing it.

Maybe, just maybe, as women, we are highly conditioned to give without measuring but equally conditioned to measure how much we take.