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Phir Mile January 27, 2010

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Ok, so every Indian who grew up with DD has already ripped apart the new “Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” video. So I don’t have anything wittier or new to say.

But what I can do for my wonderful readers is put together some of the best comments I’ve heard so far…

The makers, Zoom say, “More than 60 of India’s icons have lent their support to this initiative which has taken almost a year to create. It took more than 60 days of on-location shoot, across 15 cities of India, 30 days of post production, 22 of India’s biggest superstars, 18 of India’s best musicians, 13 of India’s best artists and singers, 15 of India’s most renowned icons to create this magnum opus. Each artist speaks of a cause and the video is shot at places which have historical value and significance.”

Evidently, it takes a year to travel by boat from Kashmir (where Rohit Bal is buying spinach) to the Qutub Minar (where the star kid is playing the santoor)

Amitabh Bachchan said,

“People from film industry along with so many other individuals have given their voices to make this wonderful song of India. I am the only person in the song who has a repeat value,”

Does that mean he’s the only one who gets to sing his lines and then say them?

Some latest tweets:

Is there any difference between Om Shanthi Om’s Title track and Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara? Could have used that video as well!

I feel so cheated: Zakir Hussain doesn’t shout, ‘Wah, Taj!” at the end of his bit in Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.

Q: Why wasn’t Rajnikanth in Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara video? A: Because Rajni ‘Kant’ be seen with ordinary actors!

— could have used more role models and less models

has gotto b d WORST National Integration Project ever! D music itself is SO un-integrated!

What was SRK thinking? He looked as if he was singing to his estranged lover.

Krish Ashok has methodically dissected the video (frame by frame) on his blog here. In his words:

” This 16 minute Bollygasm will put blade like a Kiwi farmer on a sheep during shearing season. It’s a showy, shallow, cringe-worthy, slow-tempo, un-coordinated and unwatchable piece of crystalline Crappium Craptide wrapped in crapé paper.”

Do read the entire post. It’s hilarious.

What do I think? You mean aside from the fact that I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who thought there was too much Bollywood? Well, I’m relieved I’m not the only one who feels some of the actors could lip sync to a national integration type song in a mildly (or very) obscene fashion. It’s nice to know other people feel the video could have been shorter. Everyone I know (including me, of course) feels the video was a joke.

Oh, if you know any kids who’re too young to have seen the original, do them a favour and have them watch it.

But really, I agree most with Greatbong who says:

“Now I wait eagerly for “Phir Baje Sargam Har Taraf Se” with Pritam, Himesh and Rakhi Sawant.”


What I Want to Go Back to India In Time For January 21, 2010

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Or is it out already?


The Most Pointless Hobby of All January 8, 2010

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My newest hobby is baking (yes Avu, laugh away). Given I’m on a new fitness program and The Hero has cavities, there seems to be no point.

I love the smell of cookies baking in the oven and watching butter and sugar cream to perfection. That a teaspoon of baking powder will always yield the same results is refreshing change from the uncertainties of a job hunt or applying for a PhD.

The warmth of the oven… Watching the batter rise (I keep peeking into the oven. Can’t leave the stuff alone)… The light crumbs… Ah Bliss!

Send me a self addressed bubble wrapped bag if you want the calories.


Yawn! Is it Spring Yet? November 23, 2009

I’m hibernating. This time, for real. I’ve been reading books at a remarkable rate, cooking, eating, sleeping, spending time window shopping on Amazon (I love the used books), chatting with friends, reading random news (even more than when I was working at Tech Support) and been generally day-dreaming…

I’ve also decided to apply to some PhD programs. 🙂 I know, like the Husband’s PhD wasn’t hard enough, we’re going to live through another one. This time though, Husband will be making tons of money and also, he’ll be forced to be more “understanding spouse” than I was because he’s been through the PhD thingy. Whatever… This assumes that I am actually going to get an admit from a school I like. With funding being cut everywhere (in everything except healthcare and related fields) it might not be all that simple.

Other updates (bulleted list because I miss writing case papers for school):

  • Texas is warm
  • We’re finally living within 10 miles of Mysore Masala Dosa serving restaurant
  • We’ve been driving our car on its spare tire because we’ve been too lazy to get the flat repaired
  • We own actual furniture (bed, dining table, futon and TV) Yay Ikea!
  • bought a completely useless appliance called electric kettle (I’m too lazy to even heat water on the stove now)
  • decided to make new friends and well, blah blah blah!

Ooh! Forgot! The Husband and I are going to celebrate “one month of living in the same apartment” in a few days. Major milestone for us. So, this is what being married really feels like!


Goddess or Agony Aunt? October 20, 2009

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Here’s a comment I recently received:

Dear Agony Aunt,

How should I decide if I am ready to spend the rest of my hopefully long life with someone I met a couple of times when I take months, sometimes years, to choose my friends?!

What would I ask her? “What are your hobbies? Who’s your fav actor? What’s your fav movie? So, will you marry me?”

How would I buy her a surprise wedding gift when I dont know her taste?

How would I romance an almost stranger? And now it’s almost scientifically proven by Nature that I have no luck with a love marriage! Am I going die single? 😦

Dear Distressed Desi Male,

Unless the most important decisions of your life revolve around watching movies, building your DVD collection and planning how to use your spare room, may I suggest you ask more meaningful questions such as what marriage means to her, whether she considers an arranged marriage a last resort and what plans and/or dreams she has for her future?

May I also gently point out that we no longer live in the dark ages and you could possibly write her an email or two even if you can’t meet her in person?

And Beta, correct me if I’m wrong. When you run around dating that cute girl you only met that one time at a party, are you not romancing a stranger till you decide you love her?

Louve Shouve is all fine Beta, but you must remember, arranged marriage is our Sanskriti. It is our Baratiya Sabhyata. It is also our last resort.

With Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Married Life.

Your Friendly Agony Aunty

ps: Diamonds are the best surprise

to all readers – please note the sarcasm…


Stuck in My Head All Day September 22, 2009

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Piggy on the railway picking up stones
Down came an engine and broke Piggy’s bones
Ow! Said the Piggy that’s not fair
Ho! Said the Engine Driver
I don’t care!


I’ve Been Thinking August 27, 2009

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I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things. I’ve been thinking in generalities, about the way of the world, the ways of people and the popularity of Asterix comix. I’ve been thinking specifics about my life, my ideas for the future, my plans and my uncertainities. Yet, there has been no coherence to my thoughts. And my indecision has finally taken over my life. Leaving me with open ended thoughts, questions, dreams that don’t seem to end and ideas that never seem to firm up.

I’ve been thinking about jobs. What I want to do and where I want to be in the next few years. And I’ve been thinking about what I would like my career to look like in a few years. And also been wondering if The Great Recession will allow me to find one in the first place.

I’ve been thinking about myself. What’s important to me, what’s not, what I really want to do, spending more time with myself, my thoughts and my quirks. And I’ve been trying to learn to be nice to myself and give myself some credit for what I’ve accomplished so far.

I’ve been thinking about my friends. All of the people I love who have been around, been there for me, in my insane moods, shared my foulest moments, lived with the constant drama and just generally been great friends…

I’ve been spending setting up our first home together since we were married last year. I’ve been looking at all the junk we’ve accumulated (him over the last five years, me over the last one), been sorting through clothes, giving some away to Goodwill, moving boxes, packing, unpacking, repacking and arranging. Cooking, cleaning, discovering that I will probably never be a stay-home wife by choice.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be Hindu. I’ve been spending some time thinking about the Unity, the Trinity, about why we worship the same God in different pieces… I’ve been thinking about what Hinduism really means to me and been amused by the inconsistancies in the stories we read.

I’ve been thinking about people. In general.

I’ve suspended thinking and watched the weirdest Bollywood and old Telugu movies imaginable. And also a bit of Yes, Minister and other random stuff. Also the Star Wars prequels on TV (terrible, just terrible).

I’ve also been thinking about my blog. And why I’ve been so erratic about posting. About moving to my own domain. And random stuff.

But really, I’ve just been thinking…