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Back for Seconds January 6, 2010

Filed under: Movies of 2010,Workouts of 2010 — The Goddess @ 5:43 pm

Watched another movie – Shrek 3 (not worth wasting 1% of my annual movie quota on)

Went for a second workout with trainer. I never thought I could bench press 30 pounds for 40 reps the first time I attempted it. Determined to get in shape this year.

Need to get started on books and volunteering.

How’re y’all doing?


The Firsts January 5, 2010

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First movie – Monsoon Wedding. I’ve watched it a couple of times before but I couldn’t resist watching it with the hero. Netflix will be the cause of death of this resolution. Just wait and watch. Sigh!

First workout – Working with a trainer to really lose that flab. Yay for end of season discounts!

First new recipe – Roasted vegetables. Yum!

Good start to the year. Let’s see how it goes!