Simbly Bored

It's me that's bored enough to blog. The posts are interesting enough.

Welcome! February 27, 2009

Welcome, Dear Reader! Welcome to Simbly Bored…

This blog is about as narcissistic as a blog can get. Most of the content here is about me, my views, my opinions and the way I react to stuff. From time to time, I try classifying the posts, but I can never really find a way to do it in a way that makes sense.

There are occasional spurts of writing. At other times, I just withdraw into myself. Some posts are so moody and random you would wonder why someone should spend their time even reading this space… But please don’t judge by the first post you see. There’s more to the blog than randomness.

Some posts are eternal favourites of mine. These have been tagged under “Personal Favourites” and “Priceless”. That’s the first place I would like to direct anyone with the time and the inclination to browse.


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